An Authentic African Sauce on a Plate with a Spoon Surrounded by Red Chili Peppers and Other Kitchenware

Every continent has a version of hot sauce that reigns supreme over the others. From East Africa’s Awase to West Africa’sShito, there’s no shortage of criminally underrated sauces on the African continent.

While we offer only some of these sauces at our African grocery store in Allen, they offer countless benefits.

1. Clears Up the Sinuses

According to a study, capsaicin helps clear the sinuses during a sinus infection. It also happens to be a chemical that puts the spice in spicy.

Adding just a splash of hot sauce to your dish can make your nosy runny, which may feel funny but is good for your sinuses during a cold, flu, or anything else causing congestion.

2. Acts as a Metabolism Booster

Most hot sauces have congestion-clearing abilities but are also great sources of vitamin C. For instance, a single serving of Shito contains up to 2% vitamin C and 0.6% vitamin A.

Vitamin C is essential to protein metabolism. Unfortunately, it’s also water-soluble, meaning your body can neither make nor store this nutrient. Thus, it would be best if you replenish your reserves. What better way to do it than with a generous dash of hot sauce?

Closeup of Meat Swimming in Sauce

3. Lowers Blood Pressure

Hypertension is the bane of our existence, for it has been known to cause serious problems, from dementia to heart attack. Unmonitored and unmanaged blood pressure can have serious repercussions, especially if there’s no place for hot sauce in your diet.

Its capsaicin content doesn’t just unblock your clogged sinuses but also has the power to lower your blood pressure. The chemical achieves this feat by directly pushing your body to produce more nitric oxide, which lowers your blood pressure.

4. Satisfies Your Appetite

They say spicy food kills hunger like nobody’s business, and you should take their word for it. Spicy saucy food kills appetite because it forces you to take small bites to get used to the spice content.

The slower you eat, the more you’ll savor the food and chew down on it thoroughly before swallowing. This will leave you satisfied after eating less food than you usually do, for which you have the hot sauce to thank.

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