Woman wearing African accessories

One thing every person of color living miles away from their home country can relate to is the feeling of disconnectedness from their culture and heritage, especially for African-Americans. A large majority of African-Americans are very far removed from African culture today.

If you feel like you’re failing to embrace your African heritage, here are some tips on how to incorporate it into your daily life so you can stay connected with your home, away from home.

1.    Use African Spices in Your Food

Food is the way to a person’s heart, so if you have Africa in your heart then bring it onto your plate too! Buy some African spices through an African market and start learning how you can cook with them. In the modern age of the internet, there is a world of resources at your fingertips. Look up some African food recipes and get creative in the kitchen!

2.    Wear African Accessories and Clothes

African culture, especially in terms of clothing and unique fashion trends, has inspired millions of people across the globe. It’s emulated in film, music and most other kinds of popular media.

So why shouldn’t you flaunt your cultural aesthetics? Invest in some African-style accessories like headpieces, jewelry, bracelets, earrings, etc. and incorporate them into your daily outfits. Even your hairstyle can be African-inspired!

3.    Incorporate African Beauty Products

Take care of your skin by using all-natural and locally-sourced African beauty products like creams and soaps. One massively popular African skin care product that even made waves in the western skin care industry is African black soap. It contains benefits like acne-removal, antibacterial properties and anti-aging.

4.    Indulge In African Snacks and Beverages

What better way to stay in touch with your African heritage than through making it a regular part of your day? African snacks like plantain chips and native nuts are not only delicious but are also a great way to ease you into becoming more familiar with African food.

African beverages are also often made from local fruits, which is all the more reason for you to at least try them out.

5.    Introduce Your Friends to Your Culture

The best part about belonging to a culture as beautiful as Africa’s is getting to build a community around it. You can find like-minded people around you who share your culture. If there aren’t people of your culture around you, then you can always just introduce your non-African friends to it and help spread its beauty around the world.

Where to Buy African Products?

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