3 Fun African Snacks for a Movie Night
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Movie nights are all about bonding, catching up, and spending quality time with friends and family. Enjoy these night-ins all the more with comfort African snacks and beverages.

We’ve put together a list of some delicious African snacks that cater to different taste palettes and dietary preferences.


Kilishi is a form of beef jerky that was invented in Hausaland. Kilishi is made by drying suya mixed with deboned red meat.

These meat pieces are cut in fine, thin layers of approximately one meter length and are air-dried. Kilishi is both fulfilling and nutritious at the same time. If offers an exotic taste with benefits of protein and healthy fats. The best part about kilishi is that it’s suitable for diabetic people too!

Kilishi is commonly known as Nigerian beef jerky.


Kalaba chalk

Kalabash, AKA Calabas or African chalk is a naturally-occurring African edible item. It consists of fossilized sea shells, however, also produced synthetically by combining clay, sand, wood ash, and salt. The blend is molded and heated to obtain a chalk-like edible item known as Kalabash.

Kalabash is a widely popular snack for movie nights in African households. It’s loved by both men and women of different age groups and different African descents. It has various health benefits and is popular among pregnant women. They believe that Kalabash chalk helps in alleviating nausea, morning sickness, excessive salvation, and vomiting.

Plantain Chips

Plantain chips are not only delicious but extremely fulfilling. These chips are a great, healthier alternative to potato chips for people who want to munch on healthy snacks while enjoying their favorite movies.

Plantains are a less sweet and starchy form of banana which is cut down into fine, thin layers and fried to achieve a crisp, aromatic chip form. While plantain chips should be consumed in moderate quantities, they’re perfect for satisfying your cravings occasionally.

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