Spices are a vital addition to meals. Whether amateurs or professional chefs cook them, all dishes need to be appropriately seasoned to bring out their unique flavor. Spices also contain an authentic taste of the country they’re from, so they're perfect for making native dishes and experimenting with local cuisine.

Let’s look at some of our top choices in African spices and how we can use them in various recipes to create scrumptious meals.

Pepper Soup Spice

Pepper Soup Spice

This is a popular spice in African countries and is used frequently to make soups in Cameroon, Ghana, and Nigeria. The best part about this spice is its versatility, making it easier to cook traditional ethnic pepper soups. You can use this condiment to make soup with either chicken, beef, fish, and even goat.

The spice has an earthy flavor and an exotic, unique taste. Pepper soup is very healthy for the body and helps decrease symptoms of chest congestion or the common cold.

To make a simple Nigerian Pepper Soup, cut your choice of meat into small pieces, place them in a large pot and add water. Add some of the spice mix, salt, and chile powder, and allow the stew to simmer on low heat until it comes to a boil.

Add the rest of the pepper spice at this point and cook over low heat. Serve hot to your family or guests and enjoy a comfort-filled meal that tastes mouth-wateringly good.

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County Onion/Ground Contri Onion

County Onion/Ground Contri Onion

This spice is made from the seed of a tree that grows in the rain forest in West Africa. It has a strong flavor and aroma. It’s used in making traditional African meals such as Mbongo, Ekwang, etc.

Ekwang is a traditional Nigerian dish and very famous in Cameroon. The recipe consists of grating cocoyam, wrapping it in leaves, and simmering on low heat with various meats and spices until it’s cooked.

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ASIKO Jollof Rice Spice

ASIKO Jollof Rice Spice

You must have heard of Special Fried Rice. In West Africa, the equivalent of this dish is Jollof Rice, which is packed with rich flavors and tastes delicious. It’s perfect for people who want to try traditional African dishes.

This rice seasoning makes the process of cooking Jollof Rice thousand times easier. Find the recipe here and get this African spice online for $9.99 here.

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